SWF to EXE converter - Free and Online!

2. Download EXE file

What is swf-to-exe.com?

swf-to-exe.com is a free online service for convertion of files from SWF to EXE. The converter allows you to upload any flash SWF file and download it immediately converted as standalone flash projector. The standalone flash projector has the Flash Player embedded in the EXE file which means that anyone should be able to watch your SWF movie even if they don't have the flash player installed.

How it works?

Here is what you should do to convert an SWF file to EXE:

  1. Open the main page of swf-to-exe.com
  2. Click the big [BROWSE] button
  3. Select the SWF file that you want to convert
  4. Click the big [CONVERT] button
  5. Wait while your file is converted from SWF to EXE
    (This should only take a few seconds)
  6. Click on the big [DOWNLOAD] button and save the EXE file to your computer
    (For your convenience the download link will be valid for 5 minutes)

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